Monday, February 18, 2013

Envelope Mini-album

Hey guys,
So it been a really long time since I posted anything in here.My friend's family visited Europe last year and I thought what better way to say those memories in paper than a Mini-album. They went in May last year but i got around to completing it only last month and yet there are a few bit and pieces here and there to be completed.

The Mini-Album cover "EUROPE"  
 Anyhoo, Here's the Cover for it. It's a Cardboard Mini-album. I initially saw this kind of an album on youtube from Kathy. I can't say it her exact same style because i started off with hers and went my way through the process. 
The cover was made from cardboard and covered with some colored paper and I've stuck some Patterned paper on the edges.The British flag and the circle are stickers while the Plane and Eiffel tower  are Printables.

 The back cover is covered with a patterned paper and I've put a small circle card stock on which i've written the duration of the trip.

 This is also made from envelopes but made into pockets for this page. It has two pockets a small one and a big one. Both have tags in them.

These are some tags inside an envelope pocket.Pictures of the flight they traveled in and the tag behind is make from handmade paper rounded off on alternate ends and matched with patterned paper.

 They dint want their pictures on the internet, so I've closed them with Post-its..
 This is a picture that my friend has taken and i thought it looked like a post card so i had to put it some where in here..So for this page i folded a cardstock in half , decorated it with some PP and stuck this picture over it . The Sticker 'London' fit perfectly here so as to make it really like a postcard.
On the inside I made a collage of their pics and stuck them with just a lil bit of journeling.

 This page..opens this way

 and this way
 and has a pocket here.

 For this page I created a Side pocket on one side to hold plenty of photos.
 The next page has some beautiful Envelope pockets with tags in photo tags aswell as journaling tags in them.

This page was for Switzerland and kept it really simple to show the beauty of the snow covered mountains. for embellishing i just cut out squares with PP and stuck them on with double sided tape to give it some dimension.

This page was for Disney Land and the Mickey sticker there is  Printed and cutout and stuck using some double sided tape for dimension. The red flap is also a pocket and holds many tags and All of the pages can have them..For one or two i removed it to break the monotony.

This is one of my favorite or trademark pages for me.I manage to have one like this in all my mini albums. This is just some PP rounded off in the corners and stuck to the page. Then i take a OHP sheet..they cost about Rs3/- per sheet and cut them out in the desired shape and stick them on with glue. Generally the glue dries clear so it would look transparent on your page. I can hold two tags or three..but too many can disturb them since they are so light. 

 some more Pages with pull out tags and pockets.


  1. Wow..pretty fabulous creation. I love this.